The Benefits of Dental Cleaning and Check Up

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A dental check-up is important for your oral health. People who do not get regular check-ups with the hygienist are more than likely to experience dental problems in the long run, leading to decay, damaged teeth and infections. At times, these issues may become serious. Dental check-ups are important not just for adolescents but for parents as well.  It’ll save money on extensive treatments and delivers a happy and healthy smile. Besides this, there are many other benefits of dental cleaning and check up appointments.

Let’s take a look at the five key benefits of dental cleaning and check up.

The Five Benefits of Dental Cleaning and Check Up

  1. Strong Oral Health – The biggest reason for regular dental check-ups is to maintain optimum oral health. Without strong oral health, teeth can easily catch infection, diseases and inflammation. The underlying gum and jaw are important tools in keep your teeth strong and visiting the hygienist regularly will ensure of this.
  2. It Transforms Confidence – It is no secret that good oral health and shiny teeth delivers confidence to patient smiles. With a contagious smile, it opens many opportunities, high confidence, positive self-esteem and also transforms your overall wellbeing.
  3. Keeps Oral Cancer At Bay – Signs of oral cancer are not easily identifiable unless you attend a check-up at the hygienist . Oral cancer can cause major concerns to your underlying health. The hygienist will look for signs in and around the mouth of oral cancer. This will be part of a pre-examination that takes place
  4. Keeps Gum Disease At Bay – Catching signs of early gum disease is important. The hygienist will check signs of swelling or receding gums. Luckily you can control this by making sure oral health habits are kept strong. The hygienist can check and look after your gums every time you visit the dentist.
  5. It Saves Money – Poor oral health habits mean forking out for expensive treatment multiple times over the long term. This can be avoided with simple check-up and clean appointments which barely last 30 minutes at a time. You should also take advantage of these dental check-ups because you won’t have to pay for further expensive treatment.

Check-ups keeps the prospect of emergency treatment to a minimum. Read here on the common dental emergencies you can avoid with a dental check-up

Final Points

You should not under-estimate the importance of visiting the hygienist regularly for a dental check up and clean treatment. The most common question is how often should dental check-ups be booked for? It is hygienist advice that check-ups are booked every six months. However, your oral health condition may mean treatments every three months. Take control of your oral health for better quality of life.

SD Dental Surgery are ready to cater for your oral health needs. If you need a check-up and clean, contact us now to book your appointment with us!