Denture Cleaning Tips

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Whether it’s your first set of dentures, or you’ve been wearing them for a while, proper denture care is paramount to ensuring not only the longevity of your dentures, but the health of your mouth and gums. However, if you’re not entirely sure how to care for your dentures, you may think simply rinsing them every now and then will be enough to keep them clean. In reality, dentures operate pretty similar to real teeth, and take just as much maintenance (if not more). To help you, we’ve come up with a few of our best denture cleaning tips, and some dos and don’t to denture health care.

Denture cleaning tips: How to take care of dentures

How to clean dentures: Keep your dentures in a glass of water  

If there’s one thing people know about dentures, it’s that they should be placed in a cup of water over night time. Why is this? Sleeping with your dentures in can cause a myriad of problems. These include:

Increased chance of denture related stomatitis

  • There’s nothing a yeast infection loves more than a dirty denture. Denture related yeast infections or ‘stomatitis’ can occur any time for a denture wearer, but patients who wear dentures at night are at a much higher risk.

Higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease

  • Wearing dentures at night inhibits the protective action of saliva.

Best way to clean dentures at home  

How to take care of dentures? 

Just like your teeth, dentures are susceptible to plaque build up, and require regular care to keep them looking shiny and fresh. For the best way to clean dentures at home, it’s recommended you do the following steps daily:

Remove and rinse dentures after eating

Be sure to give your dentures a quick rinse after every meal to stop bits of food from building up.

Brush your dentures daily

Using a soft bristled brush, gently brush your dentures to remove any food that may have built up over the course of the day. If you use adhesive, make sure to pay extra attention to the base of your dentures, to ensure the adhesive doesn’t become stuck.

Soak dentures overnight

Place your dentures in either water or dental solution overnight to keep them looking fresh. If you use a dental solution, be sure to rinse your dentures off before putting them back into your mouth.

Denture Cleaning Tips: Do’s and don’ts

When it comes to the ‘how to clean dentures’, you’ll want to do the following:

Do: Schedule regular appointments with your dentist to see if your dentures need relining.

Don’t use hot water: Hot water can warp the plastic, causing it to change shape and become uncomfortable.

Do: Rinse your dentures every time you put them back into your mouth to avoid contamination.

Don’t: Use abrasive cleaning materials: Avoid stiff bristled brushes and harsh toothpaste.

Do: See your dentist if your dentures suddenly feel loose, as this can cause sores and slippage.

Don’t bother with whitening toothpaste, as this won’t have any effect on your dentures.

Caring for your gums and mouth

It’s important to regularly brush your gums and mouth with a soft bristle brush, as this helps clean away any debris and boost circulation. If you wear a partial denture, pay particular care to any teeth that sit close to a wire, as this is where plaque tends to accumulate. If plaque does build up, it can cause tooth decay which can then eventually lead to more tooth loss.     

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