Four Common Problems With Dentures

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When losing multiple teeth, dentures are usually the appropriate treatment that a dentist would recommend. Dentures treatment has been around for many years and continues to be a worthwhile treatment choice today. Dentures help to resolve multiple missing teeth. However, patients that wear dentures experience problems with them.

Before considering dentures, it is important that you’re aware of the common problems that you may face. This would help manage denture fittings better and what to do when you’re experiencing a problem with them.


The Four Common Problems

Here are the four common problems with dentures:

  1. Dentures Can Slip – Dentures require the support of the gums and neighboring teeth to keep them in place. The internal muscles need to work together to hold dentures in its position. Over time, dentures tend to become loose, particularly when biting down on food. If you’re considering dentures or wear dentures, expect them to be refitted by the dentist.
  2. Biting Can Become Difficult – Biting down on the food at force can be difficult with dentures. Dentures aren’t as strong to withstand solid foods. Therefore, you may be required to adjust your diet to cater to softer and lighter foods.
  3. Saliva Can Be Excessive – When the mouth is in function, the saliva build-up makes it difficult to speak or talk. Saliva build-up is natural when wearing dentures but means that your mouth hasn’t entirely adjusted to the fitting of dentures to allow for sharper speech and a normal bite. You will be required to simply swallow more often than usual.
  4. Gum and Mouth Irritation – When trying to eat a meal, your gums may experience some sensitive irritation. This is common when wearing dentures. Any sensitive feeling can be reduced with a rinse of lukewarm water. Excessive sensitivity could mean that the dentures haven’t been fitted properly.

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What We Say…

Dentures come in full or partial sets. It is important that you’re aware of the common problems that are faced with fitted dentures. If dentures don’t fit well or aren’t give the required oral care, they can lead to these problems. Adapt your lifestyle and habits to dentures for them to last longer and to fit as comfortably as possible.

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