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Are You Looking For A Permanent Solution To Protect Your Mouth From Injuries? You Need A Solution That Cushions Your Teeth From Damage. Consider Investing In A Dental Mouthguard

Do you imagine what it would feel like if you lost one or two teeth from a physical accident? You’d be restricted from smiling, talking and eating. Therefore, it is important that you’re aware of preventable solutions to protect your teeth, especially if you’re physically active.

What Is A Dental Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a custom-made rubber-material cover that is developed to protect your upper and lower teeth from damage. Mouthguards are particularly important if you perform regular physical contact activity or suffer from teeth grinding during sleep. They are also a great way to protect the underlying gum and soft tissue. Experiencing a dental injury requires expensive treatment and it is recommended that a mouthguard is particularly worn during sleep or within sport participation. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard?

You can experience a variety of symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, tooth damage and worn-out tooth enamel. Dental mouthguards offer benefits of removing these concerns to pave way for a healthier mouth and a bright smile. 

What other benefits can you experience with a mouthguard?

You’ll Feel Less Pain and Tension

Mouthguards are lightweight and practical. They’re designed by your local dentist to fit and cover your teeth comfortably. Mouthguards help reduce the strain on your jaw muscles and joints and create a gap between your upper and lower teeth. This will reduce the chances of experiencing Bruxism

Experience Fewer Headaches

A common symptom of teeth grinding is headaches and stress. A dental mouthguard will reduce these symptoms immediately. Headaches in the morning disturb your lifestyle routine and is not helpful for your daily life activities.

Protect Your Teeth From Further Damage

Your teeth will continue to erode if you grind your teeth, leading to more expensive dental treatment. When the enamel wears off, this reduces the protection it gives to your inner part of the teeth, causing teeth to deteriorate. 

You’ll Save Money In The Long Term

Constant teeth grinding will mean forking out for treatment every time you chip or break a tooth, putting you out-of-pocket. Over time, you’d reduce the time you need to visit the dentist, saving money and your smile.


I Am Interested In A Mouthguard, What Should I Do Next?

If you’re interested in the benefits that a dental mouthguard has to offer, book yourself in for a check-up and the local dentist. The mouthguard must be custom-built to fit directly onto the teeth to be effective. An examination of your mouth structure must be completed to ensure that there are no oral health concerns. 

Contact us at SD Dental Surgery and check yourself in for a mouthguard.