Situations Where Sedation Dentistry Can Be Administered For Patients

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Sedation dentistry is helpful to those who suffer from anxiety. It helps to calm anxiety during the dental appointment. It is very common for many patients to suffer from anxiety before visiting the dental clinic. There is a multitude of reasons why this could be the case. Patients could have suffered from dental phobias in the past or it could be the first time they’re visiting the dentist. Today, modern dentistry allows for a sedation technique that ensures patients are able to undergo dental treatment successfully.

Dentists are trained to administer different levels of sedation. It is safe and also has no ill-effects. If you’re reading this and suffer from anxiety, you can understand here how sedation dentistry can assist you with your appointment.


The Four Situations

Here are certain situations where patients may administer sedation dentistry treatment for their dentist appointment:

  1. When A Patient Is Fearful Of Injections – With sedation dentistry, the feeling of an injection being infused isn’t felt. The patient will also not be anxious when in a consciously relaxed state.
  2. When A Patient Struggles To Stay Relaxed In A Dental Environment – It is common for the patient to feel nervous as soon as they enter the dental practice. Whilst dentists will do all they can to look after the patient and ensure they’re comfortable and relaxed as they step in, oral conscious sedation is also an option. Oral conscious sedation can be administered overnight to ensure the patient is relaxed and calm.
  3. When A Patient Suffers From A Panic Attack – When the patient is uncomfortable in a specific environment, they can suffer from a panic attack. Oral sedation can be administered the night before to allow the patient to control their feelings of anxiety before the appointment.
  4. Extreme Levels Of Stress – Stress is also a form of anxiety and can be difficult to control. When suffering from stress, you tend to ignore anything that happens around you because of stress feelings before your appointment. Oral sedation will help the patient feel relaxed before the appointment.


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What We Say…

General local anaesthesia can also be administered before the appointment begins. The patient with anxiety may be willing to do anything to stop any treatment from taking place. The dentist is the best place to set out the appropriate instructions to keep the patient calm and relaxed before, during and after treatment.

Are you looking to book an appointment with the dentist but are anxious about visiting the dentist? We at Dental Cleveland want to know about it, so we can help you feel comfortable. Contact us here and let our exceptional dental team support you on your way to positive oral health.