Which Form Of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Is Right For You

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Cosmetic dentistry is catered to deliver that missing shine in your teeth. Because there are many forms of cosmetic treatments, it can be difficult to determine which form of cosmetic treatment is right for you and your oral health needs. Cosmetic treatments can resolve a variety of dental needs. Therefore, it is important you select the right choice.

The Common Cosmetic Dental Issues

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular needs of a dentist and which form of cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you:

  • Do You Have Chips, Cracks or Stains On Teeth?

Chips, cracks, and stains are typically known as wear-and-tear on teeth. When these niggling issues occur, dental veneers are usually administered and recommended by the dentist. Dental veneers help to hide these niggling issues with a thin-shaped shell moulded from porcelain material to transform the look and shine of your teeth. Porcelain veneers fit perfectly over your existing teeth to give you the smile you’ve been looking for.

  • Do You Have Stubborn Stains On Teeth?

Sometimes, those stubborn stains can’t be removed with your toothbrush, no matter how hard you try. There are even stains that your toothbrush can’t touch due to stains forming in awkward areas. Teeth whitening treatment is a worthwhile and recommended choice to remove stubborn stains to make way for strong teeth and a shiny smile. Teeth whitening is affordable, and its results are long-lasting. Good oral health habits always contribute to keep those pearly whites shining through.

  • Are You Missing One Or More Teeth?

A missing tooth in your set of teeth can deliver negative oral health concerns more than anybody can realise. Missing gaps in teeth can lead to malocclusion, poor bone stimulation and weaker teeth. Dental implants preserve bone structure and density. Implants are an artificial replacement that consists of infusing a screw into the jawbone and a crown placed on top to complete the treatment. Implants are stand-alone and function just like your natural teeth.

  • Are Your Teeth Misaligned?

If your smile is hidden due to your teeth being misaligned, Invisalign is a recommended choice for those who are looking to straighten their smile and don’t want to wear traditional braces. Whilst traditional braces are slightly uncomfortable, Invisalign consists of clear aligners that can be worn throughout the day. The aligners are virtually invisible, meaning they are unnoticeable when you smile. They also correct your biting problems to help you enjoy your food without any damage to teeth.

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What We Say…

Above are recommendations of cosmetic treatments to choose from depending on the kind of dental concern you’re experiencing. Our exceptional and knowledgeable dentists at Cleveland Dental are on hand to support you with your treatment choice and advise the best form of cosmetic treatment for your smile.

If you’re looking to change or correct your smile for a more attractive look, Cleveland Dental is ready to recommend and perform cosmetic treatments to deliver that flawless appearance to your smile. Contact us here and book with us now!