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Boost Your Confidence With A Gorgeous White Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cleveland

Have you seen those bright shiny smiles on movies, Instagram and TV Shows?

There is no surprise that these beauties have some form of cosmetic dentistry applied to boost their self-esteem, confidence and give them an edge above others. SD Dental provides a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to give you a smile you can be proud of.

Dental Crowns For Your Wear-And-Tear Issues

If you have niggling issues on your teeth that hides your confidence and ability to smile, dental crowns are a worthwhile treatment choice to hide these concerns and to make way for a confident smile. A dental crown is a prosthetic solution that’s cemented onto your natural teeth. This is known as a cap that encircles your tooth or implant. If cavities threaten your teeth, a crown will be administered to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth. The solution is permanent and natural, just like an implant, meaning they function just like your normal teeth.

If you suffer from one of the following dental concerns, dental crowns are a perfect choice:

  • Restoration of a fractured tooth
  • Covering any chips of teeth including implants
  • Covering any teeth that are discoloured or cracked
  • Covering any teeth that are cracked yet can be saved to administer root canal treatment
  • Protecting any weak teeth to avoid fracturing

The Benefits Of A Dental Crown To You

Dental Crowns have proven to be an excellent choice of treatment for those wear-and-tear issues that you just can’t get rid of. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of:

An Aesthetically Pleasing Look

A dental crown is usually molded out of porcelain material. The contours and shading of the crown are mirrored to look like your natural teeth to help you smile confidently and no one will be able to see the prosthetic replacement.

It Offers Chewing Support

When missing teeth, the ability to chew is a big loss. The materials of crowns are molded to deliver more strength to help you eat the foods you love.

Protection Of Dental Issues

A dental crown is designed to ‘cap’ over the existing tooth, fitted over the top and bonding into place. This is ideal for a tooth that’s decayed, cracked or chipped.

What Are Dental Bridges?

If there are dental concerns with multiple teeth, then consider dental bridges. Bridges help to link the gap created by more than one missing tooth. An artificial tooth is joined to the adjacent teeth and helps to strengthen your neighbour teeth.


At SD Dental Surgery, there are a variety of bridge treatments available to cater for not only natural teeth but implants as well.

Traditional Bridges

A prosthetic or false tooth that is bridged between any gaps in your teeth.

Maryland Bridges

Each replacement tooth is supported on both sides with the metal framework bonding filling the gap with a porcelain tooth.

I Need A Bridge or Crown. Which Do I Choose?

There are a variety of crown and bridge treatments to suit your dental needs. Rest assured, your smile will shine with confidence regardless of the treatment choice you make. Most treatments cater for single tooth replacements and your local dentist is best placed to determine which works for you. No matter if you require single or multiple tooth replacements, bridges and crowns will transform the look of your smile.



Dental Bridges and Crowns are affordable and a worthwhile choice to save your smile.

Check yourself in for an appointment with SD Dental Surgery today. Our dedicated dentist promises to transform your smile for years to come.