Dentures at our Cleveland Denture Care Centre

Is it time for you to have fitted Dentures? Or are you simply after a better fit? Our Cleveland denture centre is ready to give you back the confidence you need to show off those pearly whites again.
  • Smile with Confidence
  • Look & Feel Better in social settings
  • Cost-Effective Dentures

Cleveland Denture centre takes great pride in providing you with a natural look which is perfectly fitted for you. 

Dentures are widely referred to as false teeth as they can be removed to replace missing teeth. Dentures are made from an acrylic resin and metal & in some cases Porcelain. These can be more cost-effective options for you as opposed to other dental treatments like implants and bridges however it really depends on the outcome you are trying to achieve. 

Types of Denture Treatments by SD Dental

We often deliver three types of denture procedures for our patients, the type of procedure best suited for you will be determined when assessing your bone structure

Complete Dentures

Also known as full dentures, all your teeth are replaced in the upper or lower arch. The full dentures are placed and structured by the jaw onto the gum.

Partial Dentures

Where some but not all teeth have been lost, these dentures anchor or support your natural teeth and through the mouth structure.

Flexible Dentures

Natural-looking dentures are made with acrylic teeth, individually crafted using resin. They are the most natural-looking type of dentures which is why they are such a popular choice

What are the benefits of Dentures

The benefits of dentures are significant, they can have positive impacts on your life in social environments, help you battle confidence issues & importantly provide a strong foundation for your mouth. Below are a few highlighted benefits:  

Dentures are fully functional – Our denture care centre provides you with a fully functional structure that’s aesthetically appealing and comfortable. 


Confidence Booster – You will look & feel more confident and be more inclined to share your smile. Your smile will feel natural and comfortable.

Improves Physical & Mental Health– Having a look you are happy with has a huge impact on your daily life. If you’re confident, happy and smiling you will most likely be looking to interact with others whereas if you’re self-conscious about your appearance you might be less inclined to meet new people and interact with others which could play on your mind and influence your daily choices. Look good and feel good with the best dentures suited for you

Immediate Dentures – These can be immediately applied in the short term with impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still intact. Moulds are created from these impressions so the perfect shaped dentures can be made just for you

Stronger jaw structure – Dentures stimulate the jaw bone. Dentures must fit the jaw to avoid bone loss and avoid irritation of your gums. Our dental surgeon ensures your dentures help you to talk and bite properly almost as you would with your natural teeth.

If you’re interested in finding out about denture costs, please contact our Cleveland Denture Centre today