Root Canal Treatment in Cleveland

Suffering from swelling or an infected tooth? You may require root canal treatment to save the tooth.

  • Avoid further damage to other teeth by stopping the infection
  • Advanced treatment resulting in a pain free treatment
  • Get rid of that pain for good

Endodontic therapy is a common solution in cases of extreme cavities that have been left untreated that require serious intervention. If your tooth has become infected you will feel severe pain in the tooth, shooting into the gum. Root canals are a common, effective dental treatment suitable if your tooth has become infected resulting in swelling and pain. The infected area is typically surrounded by significant tooth decay, an existing leaky filling and in some instances teeth grinding. 

Root Canal Treatment Process at SD Dental

When you come in for an initial consultation to our Cleveland Dental clinic, our dentist will examine the tooth in terms of its pain and infection severity. The root canal process follows a 4 step treatment process: 


Identifying the extent of the pain and infection, there after providing pain relief and a local anaesthetic enabling comfortable treatment for you

The infected area is cleared so that the infected pulp can be removed. Once removed, our dentist will provide a thorough clean which will keep the surrounding area of your infected tooth clean

A structural reinforcing and antibiotic temporary filling is then placed which is used to help settle the tooth and form the structure required

The use of a dental crown is then used to increase the strength of the tooth to prevent further damage

Root Canal treatments require more than just one visit to the dentist. There is usually 3-4 visits from consultation to aftercare to ensure you have all the information you need to be comfortable to go ahead with the treatment and then importantly allowing us to manage the process and ensure your teeth are functioning well and taking to the root canal.

Endodontic Therapy Aftercare

The dentist will provide clear instructions to manage any pain you are experiencing after the root canal. It’s common to feel a level of discomfort, tenderness and soreness in your jaw days after the root canal however this should subside relatively quickly.

Taking care of your teeth is a crucial step in the root canal process, not only in managing the root canal but preventing future root canals. Consistently visiting the dentist and staying alert with any pain that arises is the key. 

Suffering from severe pain or an infection?

It’s time to get yourself checked and see if you need a root canal. Get your root canal fitted with SD Dental now!