White Fillings by SD Dental in Cleveland

Have you seen someone with white fillings or heard someone talk about the benefits of tooth fillings? Don’t be surprised because white fillings are a great solution which helps you restore old fillings and to restore decayed teeth for patients

Dental Fillings help restore a tooth’s shape and importantly the function in the event that it’s been damaged by tooth decay. Decay can cause small holes in your teeth which can continue to grow over time and cause infection.


If you need to get a filling, our Cleveland dental team will  remove the decayed tooth material and clean the infected area. We’ll then fill the tooth with a filling material. This helps stop bacteria from re-entering the damaged area and can prevent further decay.

Some benefits of getting white fillings for your teeth

  • Matching the colour of your teeth, making it a natural and perfect choice
  • Strong and durable so they can last for a long time
  • This can make for a fast cosmetic fix
  • Easy, fast and pain-free procedure

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has been growing dramatically in the past decade, white fillings are one of the top treatments. 


White composite fillings (or simply white fillings) represent a new form of dental treatment for cavities. Patients who have recently developed new cavities can choose white fillings for their technologically advanced properties and a direct bonding method for a more aesthetic appearance.


If you are considering white fillings for your teeth then give SD Dental a call so we can book a consultation and discuss your goals.