Is Is Your Family Overdue For A Dental Check Up & Clean?

Keep Your Dental Health A Priority

Dental Check Up And Clean in Cleveland

If you or any of your family members need to improve their dental health, book in a consultation and start with a fresh dental check up and clean.

Thankfully, modern technology has made visiting the dentist for a dental check up and clean a quicker & more efficient experience. 


If your family’s oral health has been neglected, then book your whole family in at once to make it easy and convenient to get your oral health in check. It’s common to neglect children’s oral health by parents and given how busy life can be, the priority is often not around oral health and visiting the dentist for a check-up. Your local check-up and clean dentist will assist in adopting an oral routine that benefits your family’s oral health and their teeth.

Kids Dental Checkup

Are You Considering Checking Your Family In For A Dental Check Up And Clean?

At SD Dental Surgery, we encourage that you regularly check you and your family in for check-ups with the dentist every six months. The dentist is the most experienced and best person to identify stubborn stains, cavities, plaque and perform a thorough scale and polish to improve your oral health.

Here are some other benefits you can enjoy from regular scale-and-polish treatment:

  • Limits the risk of bacteria forming in your teeth
  • It limits the chance of catching infections and diseases
  • It lowers any chance of tooth decay
  • It lowers chance of teeth falling out from bone loss

The SD Dental Check Up And Clean Procedure

The procedure for a dental check up and clean is straightforward and pain-free.

Your local dentist examines the state of your teeth. Depending on the results of the examination, you may require further dental treatment if your teeth aren’t in an appropriate state for just a check-up and clean.

The dentist will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to prolong the shine on your teeth. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to stop eating your favourite foods.

The dental check up and clean procedure will then begin. Any stains or plaque are removed with fluoride paste, with no flavoured liquid provided for you to rinse your mouth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The appointment is typically expected to last a minimum of 30 minutes.

Keep Your Teeth Clean By Doing This

Any recommendations that the dentist provides will only benefit your family’s teeth for positive and long-term oral health. Follow these tips at home to keep your mouth fresh and clean:

Adopt any oral hygiene tips recommended by your local dentist

Continue to brush and floss daily, especially after a heavy meal

Reduce your sugary treats to a luxury

Begin to eat foods that are rich in fibre

Limit your alcohol and smoking intake

The last thing you’ll want is to spend a lot on expensive treatment. Look after your teeth at home with these simple remedies.


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