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Permanent Dental Implants

Are you ready for a Permanent dental implant? A Permanent dental implant is a small, titanium screw surgically placed within your jawbone beneath your gum line.

This post (screw) will fix your jawbone to create a stable foundation for tooth restoration. Permanent dental implants replace the tooth roots with tooth posts made of metal.

SD dental gives you the best option for your teeth if you are suffering from dental pain and looking for a tooth implant. We have a team of well-trained Dentists and Dental Assistants to treat your teeth.

What is a Permanent dental implant?

A dental implant post (screw) replaces your missing tooth’s root. Not only does it fix your bone like a root, but it also activates and preserves your bone structure.

With appropriate care, dental implants can last for a lifetime. Dental implants have a 98% success rate. For this reason and its many benefits, dental implants are widely recognised as the recommendation to replace missing teeth permanently.

Benefits of Permanent dental implants

Dental implants are one of the next best things to having natural, healthy teeth. Some benefits of permanent dental implants are as follows.

Implants provide a permanent tooth replacement: Dental implants are incredibly natural and long-lasting. With proper hygiene and regular dental visits, your tooth replacements can last a lifetime.

Implants prevent bone loss: A tooth’s natural roots hold the teeth in place and strengthen the jaw bone. Implants are the only tooth replacements that imitate the function of tooth roots, stimulating the bone and saving bone loss in the area.

Implants don’t depend on neighbouring teeth: Some restorations, such as partial dentures or dental bridges, rely on adjacent teeth for support or require reshaping your natural teeth. Implants are placed directly in the jawbone, so they never pressure the adjacent teeth.

Implants strengthen oral health: A significant concern is leaving a gap in your smile. The nearest teeth may shift toward the space, permanently affecting your alignment.
Besides, missing a tooth can create an imbalance that increases the risk of periodontal disease. Placing a dental implant will conserve space and protect your smile.

Dental implants will improve your confidence: Missing one or more than one teeth can cause uneasiness for patients of all ages. Replacing one or more missing teeth with dental implants delivers a consistent, confident smile.

Dental implants enhance your quality of life: With implants, you’ll be able to speak with confidence that your tooth restorations won’t slip or shift as with removable dentures. You’ll also be able to enjoy your favourite foods without restriction.

Dental implants require negligible maintenance: Once in place, your new rehabilitation will require the same care as your natural teeth.
To keep them in tip-top shape, you must brush and floss consistently and maintain your routine dental exams and cleanings.

Types of dental implants

Which type of dental implant is best for you?
Check out the different types of dental implants below.

Dental implant for a single crown

A dental implant is an effective single-tooth replacement option. In this method titanium implant is placed into the jawbone, fusing with the surrounding bone creating a strong anchor for the false tooth.

Dental implants for an implant-supported bridge

Implant-supported bridges are an excellent permanent solution for multiple tooth loss. Conventional bridges are a practical solution if you’re missing numerous teeth.

However, they depend on healthy teeth for support on either end of a gap and crown. They help prevent bone loss and degeneration.

This treatment can be initiated at any age without any complexities. Dental implants depend on the brands and time required to complete the treatment.

Permanent dental implants are the best solution if you have problems with your dentition, such as missing or misaligned teeth. We at SD Dental Cleveland provide a wide range of services, with a team of well-trained dentists providing high-quality patient care.

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